This is the game list for my let’s plays.  The videos will be viewable on my Youtube (click here) or on the let’s play page  (click here).

Keep in mind I only have a PlayStation 3, Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, a laptop, and a Nintendo 3DS.  This list is likely to change.

Indie Games

Night at the Hospital


Banjo Threeie: Chapters 1

Knytt Stories
There’s No Time to Explain 
Ethereal Gates 0.7-all
Coming Out on Top (if there is a censored version)
Vampire the Masquerade

Some Visual Novels
Sacred Sand
Always Remember Me
Loren the Amazon Princess
Eternal Gates
Dreams of the Sky
Rising Angels
Anton’s Vacation

From Emulator (Because I can not get a hold of these games)
Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Playsation 3

Rayman 2
Rayman 3
SoulCalibur V
Persona 4 Arena
Nier Replicant
Blazblue CP
El Shaddai
Tales of Xillia Two?
Sonic 4
Remember Me

Wii and Wii U
Sonic Colors
Pandora’s Tower
Bayoneta 2

PlayStaton 2
Drakengard 1
Drakengard 2

Nintendo 3D DS
Fire Emblem Awakening
Kid Icuras Uprising
Zelda Oracle of Ages
Zelda Oracle of Seasons

Simpson’s  Cartoon Studio
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Zelda Majora’s Mask
Super Smash Bros for the Wii
Diddy Kong Racing 64
Some Terra Online playthroughs?