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Posted on 04. Jul, 2016 by in Blog, Let's Play

Hello everyone.  I decided to make a new YouTube channel. I got 2 copyright strikes on my old channel.  I will be moving videos over to my new channel as the days go by.

The new channel is

I won’t be able to get out of the odd letters and numbers after “channel/” until I get 100 subscribers.    I will be more selective on the video games that I let’s play in the future.   Old and new tournament matches, some tips for making money with video games will be on the channel, and let’s plays of indie games will also be on the channel.

If you can help me out by subscribing, I’d appreciate that.


About IceAngelGaming

Just a let's player looking to have fun recording my time playing video games. I am into fighting games (SC5, P4A, BB), JRPG's, platformers, and recently visual novels.


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