Reviving This Website and TFC 2015

Posted on 12. Sep, 2015 by in Blog, Games

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So today is the The Fall Classic 2015.  The Fall Classic was the first major that I was on stream for, yet in a team match.  I would have the link but Twitch no longer keeps archives for more than two weeks.  I was on

The streams that I am watching are

Multitwitch is a very helpful thing indeed.  Someone from my area, Suspenser is in top 8 for SoulCalibur V.  Most of the time, my area only makes top 16 or gets lliminated early.  A few members do get top 8 at majors but I really do mean a FEW.

I am getting back to fighting games; particularly Mortal Kombat X AND Guilty Gear XRD.  Hopefully, I can go back to posting my tournament matches.

Why am I not at the Fall Classic?  Money.  I lack it again so maybe next year.

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