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Posted on 04. Jan, 2014 by in Games

Last post was about my participation at Northeast Championship.  Good times.  In the future, I would like to buy some an AVerMedia and record my matches for my youtube channel.  With my travels to the local scene Tuesday, Friday, sometimes Sunday, and the occasional Top of the Food Chain (every two months); there is an opportunity for plenty of matches to be recorded.

The next possibility is ever increasing list of video games that are piling up in my collection of video games to play.  One game I am going to playing next is called Endless Ocean.  The graphics are really bad but its more of an educational game that is playable and has some enjoyment in it.  Better to have played the game then to waste the twenty bucks I spent on it.

There’s also Dragon Age, Zelda Skyward Sword, among others.

Up on the list are indie visual novels which are easy to make thanks to the visual novel making engine called Ren’py.  There are plenty of good and a TON of more BAD visual novels made by amateurs in the database here.  Then I could download a few games from Steam and Desura (the indie game friendly version of Steam as I have heard the website called).

Any suggestions for games or visual novels you guys would like to see me play from Steam, Ren’py, and Desura?

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